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Product features£º

Vigor BM can effectively alleviate the continuous cropping obstacles caused by these two major soil-borne diseases. Vigor BM contains deneficial microorganism that is a common and ubiquitous soil microorganism.. Containing endospore-forming bacterium, Vigor BM is highly resistant to heat and desiccation so that it can exhibit longer shelf-life. In addition to the long-term viability of endospores, Vigor BM also exists as endophytic microorganism that induces resistance in plant itself.

Application scope£º

Seed, Seedling, Fruit Crops, Vegetable Crops, Flower and Ornamental Crop

Product specification£º 1kg,5kgs (powder)


Dilute with water at the ratio of 1£º5~10 and stir it along with coagulator until it becomes paste. 
Dip the seed with the paste for 1 to 2 minutes.
Air-dry the seed to be used.


Mix Vigor BM with media at the ratio of 1£º400.
Plant the seed or seedling on the media. Sufficient moisture is required.
When the media applied is solely peat moss, addition of 2~5% organic fertilizer is highly recommended to achieve 
better effect.


Dilute with water at the ratio of 400~800 times and irrigate the rootsphere.
Fruit Crops  2~3 Kg/ha
Vegetable, Flower and Ornamental Crops  1~2 Kg/ha


Do not mix it with formulas based on copper or antibiotics. Avoid using bactericide 7 days before or after application. Avoid direct sun light or high temperature.
Vigor-BM Mechanism

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